FAA Advises Operators on Flight Plans Without GPS

 - June 13, 2019, 9:51 AM

NBAA has sent a notice to members pointing to an FAA advisory about how the recent GPS outage caused by certain Collins Aerospace GPS receivers affects flight planning. 

The advisory from the FAA Air Traffic System Command Center highlights the importance of using the proper ICAO flight plan equipment codes if planning a flight without GPS. While some aircraft affected by the GPS outage cannot fly because two working GPS receivers are required, others are able to fly because GPS is on their minimum equipment lists. 

According to the advisory, “The loss of GPS may affect the ability of the aircraft to fly certain routes and procedures, and may affect its ability to operate within certain airspace.” 

While some avionics can be used to fly RNAV routes and procedures, the FAA explained, “DME/DME or DME/VOR RNAV navigation is not approved for use on U.S. RNAV 1 procedures or RNAV 2 routes.” 

The FAA recommends that pilots consult Advisory Circular 90-100A Compliance Guide, “which provides a quick reference as to whether the aircraft and/or RNAV system requires GPS to fly these routes and procedures or whether the aircraft can use DME/DME/IRU navigation in lieu of GPS.”  

The Collins GPS outage, NBAA said, “highlights some important considerations when a primary navigation system is longer available since today's aviation system is highly dependent on the availability of GPS.”