Garmin Adds Turbine Engine Monitoring on TXi Displays

 - June 27, 2019, 9:18 AM
Garmin's EIS TXi is now available for replacement of old engine gauges on certain PT6A-powered single-engine turboprops. (Photo: Garmin)

Garmin G500 and G600 TXi touchscreen displays can now be used for engine indication system (EIS) information for turboprop singles powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engines. The TXi displays’ EIS capability is compatible with the Cessna 208 series, Daher TBM 700 through 850, and Piper PA-46s modified by JetProp. Prices for a standalone EIS TXi for these airplanes start at $14,800.

In addition to standard turboprop engine indications such as torque, prop rpm, gas generator rpm, ITT, and oil pressure and temperature, fuel flow, and electrical system status, the EIS TXi can be configured for dynamic indications such as limitation markings that change depending on pressure altitude and outside air temperature. Limitations can also be timed, and the EIS will warn the pilot with a countdown timer next to the associated gauge when a parameter is being exceeded. The EIS will also record any exceedances when the time-based limit is exceeded, including the parameter, duration, highest value recorded, time, date, and other information. 

All normal and exceedance information is stored on an SD card in the TXi, including aircraft performance, engine data logging, and engine and flight cycles. The data can be downloaded from the SD card or wirelessly sent to the Garmin Pilot app on a tablet computer when the TXi display or GTN 650/750 navigators are paired with a Garmin Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway. 

The TXi displays are available in a 10.6-inch version, which can show primary flight display, multifunction display, and EIS information, as well as on a dedicated EIS on a 7-inch display in portrait format. The displays include an integrated fuel computer for monitoring fuel burn and using GPS to calculate fuel range, endurance, and fuel-at-destination.