Ground Handling Training Moves into the VR Realm

 - June 28, 2019, 10:57 AM
BGS's virtual reality ground service training modules serve to immerse trainees in a realistic environment, where instructors can introduce variables to expose them to a wide variety of situations.

Baltic Ground Services Group (BGS) is among the pioneers bringing virtual reality (VR) to ground service training. The Vilnius, Lithuania-based company, part of the Avia Solutions Group, has already developed walk-around inspection and fueling VR training modules, with highly realistic graphics and sound effects, and plans to add de-icing and anti-icing modules by the end of the year. BGS, which operates in eight central and eastern European countries, is currently moving its own training into the VR environment, and it plans to offer its VR curriculum as a third-party service the market.

“Virtual reality training in ground handling is a new trend,” said Konradas Dulka, head of BGS’s IT business solutions. “Virtual reality becomes a bridge between the theoretical training and the field practice, and it increases the speed and quality of the training.”

Paulus Miezelis, the company’s head of training, added that by using the virtual system, trainees can repeat complex tasks without the need to wait for another aircraft turnaround until their skills are competent enough to demonstrate them in reality.

“This minimizes the probability of mistakes,” he said. “Also, there is a possibility to simulate extraordinary and extreme situations, [and] eliminate the noisy environment of the airport, which disturbs trainees during the training.”