NetJets Takes 100th Citation Latitude

 - July 1, 2019, 8:00 AM
The Latitude has been one of the fastest selling aircraft for NetJets, which has taken 100 in its first three years of operating the midsize aircraft. (Photo: NetJets)

NetJets has taken delivery of its 100th Cessna Citation Latitude, a milestone reached in just three years since the fractional ownership provider first took delivery of the midsize jet in June 2016. The Latitude fleet has become one of the fastest-growing in the NetJets livery, and Patrick Gallagher president of sales and marketing, said even more satisfying is that every one has been sold to fractional customers.

“After three years and 100 airplanes, we still have people with advance deposits waiting on future airplanes to be delivered,” Gallagher said. “Without question, it is a pretty powerful testament to the relevance and market’s desire for the fractional program.” He added the airplane is available exclusively to fractional customers.

In 2012 NetJets ordered an initial tranche of 25 Latitudes, with options for up to 125 more. The company has now has dipped well into those options—exercising 110 of them with 35 more ordered and to join the fleet over the next year or so. “There’s no slowing down for this airplane,” he said.

As for the draw of the Latitude, Gallagher said, “It’s the perfect combination of cabin volume and comfort, range, and economics. At the price point, you get a wonderfully comfortable cabin.” The aircraft’s customer base is an even mix of NetJets's overall customer base of private and business customers and it is selling throughout the U.S. and in Europe. The most popular Latitude segments are between Teterboro, New Jersey, and Palm Beach, Florida in the U.S. and Paris and Geneva in Europe.

“We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with Textron Aviation with this milestone delivery,” said Adam Johnson, NetJets chairman and CEO. “We are committed to providing our owners with exceptional service and a seamless travel experience and look forward to continuing to expand our industry-leading fleet.”

The latest delivery increases NetJets’s current Cessna fleet to more than 250 aircraft, which began with the Citation SII and also includes the Citation Excel/XLS, Citation Sovereign, and Citation X. NetJets is preparing to add the next Citation model, the Longitude, later this year.

The operator placed options for 175 of the super-midsize jet during the last NBAA convention and has exercised options for the first 15. “What we’ve proven with the Latitude speaks volumes for our credibility to take delivery of our orders and options,” he said. Textron Aviation expects to certify the Longitude in the third quarter, and NetJets anticipates taking the first seven by the end of the year.