GYY Reaches 50 International Arrivals

 - July 3, 2019, 11:31 AM
On the evening of June 24, the 50th private aircraft arrived at Gary/Chicago International Airport's new CBP facility since it became operational last fall. The airport, which has the second-longest runway in the region after O'Hare International, can accept international general aviation flights with at least 72 hours prior notice.

Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY) last week celebrated the 50th international private aircraft arrival there since the opening of its permanent U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility last October. It is the newest such facility in the metro Chicago area and the latest improvement to the airport, which is located 25 miles from the Windy City’s downtown. Averaging eight arrivals a month, the on-call facility has attracted flights from Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean, as well as from Central and South America.

“The CBP facility helps secure our position as the premier midsized airport for the Chicago region, and we are very pleased at the frequency the facility is being used,” said Duane Hayden, GYY’s executive director. “We are seeing strong returns on our ongoing investments at the airport, and as a result, the airport is now a preferred destination among corporate and executive fliers.”