CCX Release Cybersecurity Hardware for Aircraft

 - July 16, 2019, 8:46 AM

Avionics test equipment and airborne networking manufacturer CCX Technologies has developed a “cybersecurity appliance” that is designed to prevent unauthorized access to onboard networks and electronic systems. The AP-250 “monitors airborne networks right on board, defending and protecting all aircraft systems—from the flight deck to the cabin,” according to CCX.

Retailing for $14,850, the AP-250 connects to an aircraft’s existing wide-area or local-area network (WAN or LAN), and it can also monitor databuses. Airborne connectivity is not required, but the AP-250 can interface with satcom terminals and routers. 

Once installed, the AP-250 monitors the onboard network, and the operator can see alerts of potentially malicious activity using CCX’s graphical user interface. Operators can also incorporate a CCX application programming interface in their own systems. Cybersecurity services supported by the AP-250 include advanced intrusion detection and prevention system protocols, log collection, monitoring, and storage.

The AP-250 can indirectly monitor wireless communications when installed downstream of the router, which allows it to monitor all traffic on the network. A future product release will include the ability to directly monitor wireless communications.

“As aircraft systems become increasingly interconnected through the onboard network, new capabilities are emerging and along with them, new threats,” said Chris Bartlett, president of CCX Technologies. “Cybersecurity may once have focused on aeronautical communications systems, now it’s clear that the aircraft itself and electronic systems must address increasing and evolving cybersecurity threats.”