West Star Adds Two More Hawker STCs to Portfolio

 - August 13, 2019, 6:31 PM

West Star Aviation recently received STC approval for modifications involving waste drain valves and LED light assemblies on Hawker airframes. The STC work can be performed at West Star’s Textron Aviation-authorized service centers.

One of the STCs was developed for West Star’s lavatory waste drain valve modification. “We’ve installed around 20 of these now via FAA Form 337 Field Approvals, and the FAA asked us to get an STC for this,” said Hawker program manager Kendall Kreiling.

A second is a “new concept” STC, Kreiling said, involving the replacement of refuel panel magnetic valve position indicators (“doll’s eyes”) with LED light assemblies. “The OEM indicators have become difficult to obtain in either new or serviceable as removed condition, so this STC provides operators with a modern solution at very favorable pricing,” he added.

The company has developed STCs for a range of aircraft models, among them Citations, Challengers, Learjets, Embraers, Falcons, Gulfstreams, and Hawkers. West Star last month said it would make certain STCs available for a limited time to third-party centers. “Access to our extensive library of STCs will allow other MROs to complete installations and upgrades that were previously uneconomical due to the high cost and time required to develop their own,” said Dave Feuerhak, technical sales manager for avionics. STCs will be issued for one-time use with a letter of authorization.