Another Citation Crash and Burn with No Fatalities

 - August 29, 2019, 11:12 AM

For the fourth time in six weeks, passengers and crew evacuated safely from a Cessna Citation following a crash and before fire consumed their aircraft. The latest accident occurred on Tuesday and involved a Citation Excel that crashed while on final approach to Aligarh Airport, India. It reportedly contacted high tension wires and came down in the grass between the runway and perimeter fence. A fire destroyed the jet, but all six occupants evacuated safely.

Just six days earlier, on August 21, a Citation Excel suffered a runway excursion after an aborted takeoff at Oroville Airport, California. All 10 occupants evacuated the aircraft before fire engulfed the airplane.

On August 15, a Citation Latitude overran the runway and caught fire after landing at Elizabethton Municipal Airport near Bristol, Tennessee. Five persons on board, including retired Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., his wife, and infant daughter escaped without serious injuries. The aircraft was destroyed by the fire.

Escaping without serious injury after crash landing his 1981 Citation II on July 17 at Nevada’s Mesquite Airport, the sole-occupant pilot was subsequently arrested on one count of operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol. The aircraft was totaled from the post-crash fire. Meanwhile, the pilot is out of jail and his next scheduled court appearance is on November 13.