Pilot in Overrun: Citation Wouldn’t Rotate for Takeoff

 - September 6, 2019, 12:16 PM

The pilot at the controls of a 2003 Cessna Citation Excel that overran the runway at California's Oroville Municipal Airport (OVE) on August 21 following a rejected takeoff told investigators the jet failed to respond as he pulled back on the yoke. According to an NTSB preliminary report released today, the pilot flying (PF) reported "a weird sensation" as he attempted to rotate for takeoff after the pilot not flying (PNF) called out Vr. The PF then pulled back again on the yoke but told investigators he noticed no movement of the aircraft's nose. The PNF then called for the abort, with the PF deploying “full thrust reversers and maximum braking.”

Registered as N91GY and operating as a Delta Private Jets flight to Portland, Oregon, the twinjet overran the runway and came to rest approximately 1,990 feet from the departure end. Surveillance camera footage captured the takeoff roll and the initial overrun. The eight passengers and two crew onboard safely evacuated before the aircraft caught fire in the accident.

The PF told investigators he updated the aircraft's flight management system with changes to their departure clearance before taking the runway and completing the before-takeoff checklist. According to the preliminary report, investigators noted "tire transfer marks" extending from the Runway 2 hold short line to the wreckage site.