X-naut Adds To Pilot Series iPad Accessories Line

 - September 23, 2019, 2:59 PM

X-naut has introduced a new series of iPad cockpit mounts designed to complement its Pilot Series iPad cooling cases. The line of lightweight aluminum mounts includes single- and dual-suction-cup variants, in addition to a clamp-based version to attach on a yoke shaft or any exposed tube.

“Our mission with the Pilot Series is to help our fellow aviation enthusiasts fly safer by offering reliable solutions to prevent iPad overheating,” said X-naut founder and CEO Darren Saravis. “Part of this includes making it easy for our customers to get off the ground sooner by developing a complete ecosystem of cooling cases, mounts, and accessories.”

The company also announced a new cockpit visor that eliminates glare on iPad screens, including the mini and full-size versions, in both portrait and landscape orientations. In addition, it launched a new 11-inch size of the Pilot Series cooling case, complete with a magnetic dock to house an Apple Pencil, for the latest iPad Pro models.