Duncan Aviation: Majority of Lear 31s Not ADS-B Ready

 - September 26, 2019, 12:07 PM

Approximately 65 percent of the U.S.-registered Learjet 31/31A fleet has yet to be upgraded with ADS-B Out, with only 14 weeks left to the FAA mandated deadline, according to statistics presented by Duncan Aviation.

The MRO provider’s NextGen Solutions database shows at least five paths to compliance certification for each Learjet model, including an STC for the BendixKing MST 70 developed by the company’s satellite avionics shop in Kansas City after trying several different WAAS/GPS position sources. The first installation was completed in December 2016.

“The launch customer had a Learjet 31A, and everyone here at our shop was excited about getting to do an STC from scratch, and be part of all the testing,” said Jeff Aman, the facility’s manager, adding the installation requires a minimum of downtime as it consists of a box swap and wiring changes. “Depending on the equipment in the aircraft, we can upgrade the Learjet 31/31As to ADS-B for between $68,000 and $90,000 using this STC.”

The company has MST 70B units on hand, and Matt Nelson, its manager of satellite operations, noted that for aircraft owners who are about to put their aircraft down for inspection, Duncan can dispatch technicians to the location to perform the upgrade at the same time.