NBAA Convention News

SurfaceLiner Sees RED

 - October 19, 2019, 10:00 AM
SurfaceLiner is debuting AllProtect Aviation's newest version of its reusable surface coating material at this year's NBAA annual convention in Las Vegas.

Colorado-based SurfaceLiner (Booth C6929), which markets a variety of surface protection products to the maintenance industry, is attending NBAA’s annual convention to show off its latest offering from Swiss manufacturer AllProtect Aviation.

Known as AllProtect RED, it presents the company’s self-adhesive surface protective material in a highly-visible red color, drawing attention during maintenance to sensitive areas of aircraft such as leading edges, brightwork, engine cowlings, airstairs, winglets, and more.

The reusable material is sold in rolls and features a padded, absorbent protective outer layer that is water and solvent-proof. It can stand up to harsh chemicals and will prevent tools, parts and even personnel from slipping, even when wet or greasy, according to the company.

A tacky no-residue backing allows it to be easily removed and reapplied. AllProtect RED can be used to protect a variety of surfaces, both inside and outside of the aircraft, such as wood veneer or high gloss interiors, acrylic windows, carpeting, glass, stonework, and painted surfaces, while the bright color will draw attention, even in dark areas of the aircraft, allowing workers to find and remove it more easily upon work completion.

The company has been chosen to demonstrate the product in Las Vegas at NBAA’s inaugural new product showcase on Oct. 22, at 1 pm in the Innovation Zone (Booth N1818).