Av8 Group Expands Facilities, Capabilities

 - November 6, 2019, 10:11 AM

Houston-based Av8 Group has expanded its facilities and added new equipment in a bid to increase its testing and overhaul services. The expansion includes the addition of 9,000 sq ft of space to its current facility, bringing the total to 30,000 sq ft.

It also added a servo test stand that can measure data in milliseconds and allows Av8 to overhaul servos and valves in assemblies, including anti-skid control valves. Also, the acquisition of a dedicated actuator test stand expands its capabilities to overhaul mechanical and hydraulic components such as flap/stabilizer screw jacks and leading-edge actuators.

“The expansion and additional testing capabilities are in line with our renewed focus on value in overhauls,” said Av8 Group CEO Yoel Arnoni. “This extends far beyond the initial landing gear overhauls we have become known for. We can now bring the same substantial value to other systems and component overhauls that we have been delivering to our landing gear customers.”