New JSfirm Feature Asks: How Well Do You Know Your Job?

 - November 18, 2019, 11:49 AM

Aviation job platform JSfirm has created a new feature called Skill Check that enables job seekers to test themselves on their aviation knowledge. “The goals of this initiative are to create refresher material for current aviation industry employees that can also double as a study guide for future graduates,” JSfirm member advocate Joel Scekeres said.

The test comprises 10 multiple-choice questions in any of 20 aviation-related job categories including maintenance, avionics, executives and managers, fixed-wing pilot, rotary-wing pilot, administration, flight attendant, inventory and parts, line services, paint, interior specialist, and unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. 

“Skill Check development will be ongoing; we plan to regularly add new and different content,” Scekeres explained. Plans call for adding testing in dispatching, engineering, sales, accounting and finance, and technical writing.

JSfirm’s partner schools assisted in the development of the tests, he said. Results of the tests will not be shared with potential employers, a spokeswoman told AIN