AviationManuals Introduces SAFA Compliance Binder

 - November 21, 2019, 12:10 PM

To help operators flying in and out of EASA countries prepare for the possibility of safety assessment of foreign aircraft (SAFA) checks, industry manual and safety management system software provider AviationManuals has created a SAFA binder.

It describes the SAFA inspection process and lists more than 50 items that can potentially be examined when flying into or out of any of the countries with which EASA has signed a working agreement with on SAFA. Non-compliance with many of those items could delay or even ground an aircraft. 

“Tire wear, hydraulic fluid or oil leaks, missing safety equipment for the cabin or cockpit, as well as licenses, updated manuals, and cargo manifests, are typical inspection items,” said company CEO Mark Baier. “We address each item, with evidence in the form of pictures and excerpts from manuals, for instance, so operators can easily identify and demonstrate compliance.”

In 2017, more than 13,000 SAFA ramp inspections took place, affecting more than 7,500 aircraft. AviationManuals said incorrect fuel calculations and flight plans, operators not having a mimimum equipment list (MEL), and the cabin not being secure upon arrival are some of the main violations reported by its customers.