FAA Publishes Draft AC for Onboard Sleeping Areas

 - December 3, 2019, 10:27 AM

Having flight-crew sleeping quarters and rest areas in airplanes on flights scheduled for more than 10 hours during any consecutive 24 hours is a requirement for Part 135 operations. To provide guidance on FAA-acceptable means of compliance for sleeping areas, the agency has published draft Advisory Circular 120-FMRF.

This AC recognizes that the nonstop endurance and range of certain large airliners and business jets have increased considerably since Sept. 30, 1994, the last date a similar AC was published.

The draft AC explains that a rest area is designed for “obtaining sleep, stowing personal articles, and changing clothes in privacy for off-duty flightcrew.” The sleeping quarters may be an integral part of a rest facility or a separate space. In either case, the sleeping quarters “should be in a location where intrusive noise, odors, and vibration have minimum effect on sleep.” A noise level during cruise flight in the range of 70 to 75 dBA is considered a “reasonable design objective.”

Further, the draft AC recommends a minimum of 35 cu ft of space per individual for sleeping, 65 cu ft of free space for changing of clothes; and 78 by 30 inches for each sleeping surface. Comments on draft AC 120-FMRF are due December 23.