SkyNRG Encourages Business Aviation To 'Board Now'

 - December 3, 2019, 11:49 AM

Dutch aviation fuel provider SkyNRG has launched a program to help cover the costs of its planned sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant to be built in Delfzijl in the Netherlands. Known as Board Now, it will ensure a market for its SAF while offering companies the opportunity to lower their business aviation travel CO2 emissions through committing to five years of SAF off-take purchases from the company’s DSL-01 plant. Expected to be operational in 2022, it will be Europe’s first dedicated SAF production facility, and while the bulk of its fuel production will be claimed by partner airline KLM, SkyNRG expects to have the facility’s remaining capacity reserved through Board Now by the end of 2020.

Organizations that join the program, such as launch partners PwC Netherlands and Skyscanner, commit to off-take and pay the premium of a self-determined volume of SAF out of the DSL-01 facility.

“PwC is doing everything in its power to reduce its own business air travel emissions substantially,” said PwC Netherlands board member Renate de Lange, who added that use of SAF can deliver a CO2 reduction of at least 85 percent compared to conventional jet fuel. “With our commitment to SkyNRG, we strengthen our strategy for sustainable business travel and we believe that this is a very important step toward sustainable flying.”