TBM, Quest Deliveries Both Soften in 2019

 - January 15, 2020, 11:23 AM

Deliveries softened slightly for both the TBM and Kodiak families, with Daher reporting total shipments of 68 for the combined turboprop-single product lines in 2019. This marks Daher’s first report of combined results since acquiring the manufacturer of the Kodiak utility airplane—Sandpoint, Idaho-based Quest Aircraft—in October.

Daher delivered 48 TBM 910 and 940 variants in 2019, while 20 Kodiak 100 Series II airplanes were shipped. This compares with combined deliveries of 73 in 2018, including 50 TBM 910/930s and 23 Kodiaks.

North America remained the dominant market for the Kodiak, accounting for 14 of the deliveries—11 in the U.S. and three in Canada. However, three were also handed over to customers in China and another in Thailand. Two Kodiaks went to Europe.

As with the Kodiak, the majority of the TBM models went to the U.S., accounting for 38 in all. Europe was the next largest TBM market in 2019, with three going to Germany, two to the UK, and one to Russia. Another three went to Latin America (two to Brazil and another to Mexico), and one, a TBM 940, was handed over to a customer in Japan. Daher noted the delivery to Japan was the first since it had shipped several TBM 700s to Japanese customers in the early days of the TBM program.