NBAA, GAMA Hope To Streamline Part 91 LOA Process

 - January 28, 2020, 12:54 PM

An FAA and industry working group including NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) recently issued a final report to the agency and recommendations to streamline and expedite the process of issuing letters of authorization (LOA) to Part 91 operators for communications, navigation, and surveillance, NBAA announced in an update. “Many members have expressed frustration after taking ownership of a brand new, technologically advanced aircraft and the delay until they are able to fully utilize that aircraft due to the wait for required LOAs,” said NBAA director of flight operations and regulations Brian Koester. 

The recommendations call for GAMA to develop an Aircraft Statement of Capability (ACOS) template online that is free of charge to aircraft OEMs, who in turn should develop their own ACOS documents using the template. OEMs that provide an ACOS should also establish procedures to maintain and update the document.

Also called for in the recommendations is that the FAA should consider the aircraft make, model and series, serial number, or operator name rather than an aircraft’s registration number when reviewing a Part 91 operator’s application as well as create/update a new LOA Training Statement of Compliance form for international operations training providers. Last, the FAA should develop an additional process to provide a statement of compliance for vendors that sell International Operating Manuals to Part 91 operators. 

“We hope these recommendations will help reduce those delays,” Koester added.