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Sterling Expands Services with Engineering Division

 - January 28, 2020, 4:02 PM

Sterling Helicopter (Booth 2328) is expanding its array of services with the establishment of an engineering division. In the works for years, the division opened late last year to provide services including engineering, supplemental type certificates (STCs), and manufacturing support

Edward Allen, who was part of the team at Gulfstream Aerospace that worked toward the certification of the OEM’s new G500 and G600 ultra-long-range jets, joined the Philadelphia-based MRO and heliport operator to head up the new division as director of engineering. Allen also brings a background in special-missions certifications with Gulfstream.

Sterling is hoping to fill a gap in the market for such services, he said, adding that “the marketplace has a shortage of good, responsive, and trustworthy sources to manage and run an STC project at a reasonable rate and timeline.”     

Some projects are already in the works, including on the design-and-build front, as well as STCs, he said. On the engineering side, Sterling can provide everything from CAD drawings, designs, and schematics and structural mounting to designated services, ground and flight tests, and manuals development.

STC work will cover full services, from development to project management, flight test, and coordination with the FAA and foreign authorities. As for manufacturing, Sterling can provide capabilities with sheet metal, wiring and harnesses, machining, and STC kitting, among others.

Services are offered for both helicopters and fixed-wing, he said. As the projects continue to build up, Allen said, Sterling anticipates adding engineering support later this year.