EASA Proposal Updates Large-airplane Cert Rules

 - February 7, 2020, 11:26 AM

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published a notice of proposed amendment (NPA) to update CS-25 certification regulations for transport airplanes. The move will harmonize airworthiness approval requirements with U.S. FAR Part 25 and its associated advisory circulars. Comments on the 98-page NPA are due February 20.

In particular, the NPA proposes amendments in go-around handling qualities and performance; minimum control speeds; fuel tank and system lightning protection; cabin safety; electronic aircraft flight manuals; onboard weight and balance systems; air conditioning systems; flight guidance systems; primary flight displays during unusual attitude and declutter modes; lightning protection and electrical bonding and protection against static electricity; and operation without normal electrical power.

“Overall, these proposals would provide a moderate safety benefit, would have no social or environmental impacts, and would provide some economic benefits by streamlining the certification process,” EASA said. “Proposals are issued when relevant data is available following an update of industry standards, feedback from certification activities, or minor issues raised by the stakeholders. To that end, this NPA proposes amendments to CS-25 following the selection of non-complex, noncontroversial, and mature subjects.”