Pilot Allegedly Flying DUI Scheduled for Arraignment

 - March 5, 2020, 11:58 AM

Escaping without serious injury after crash landing his Cessna Citation 550 on July 19 at Nevada’s Mesquite Airport, the sole-occupant pilot who was subsequently arrested on one count of operating a vehicle under the influence has been scheduled for arraignment on April 15. The twinjet, N320JT, was on a ferry flight from Pasco, Washington, destined for Henderson Executive Airport in Las Vegas, about 80 miles from Mesquite. It was consumed by a post-crash fire.

The pilot—41-year-old Ryan Dashiell of Spokane, Washington—was arrested on suspicion of operating an aircraft while under the influence of alcohol and is facing a gross misdemeanor charge. After the accident, he was taken to jail and is currently free on bail.

According to FAA pilot records, Dashiell held an ATP certificate with airplane and helicopter privileges, flight instructor, and multi-engine airplane ratings, and was typed in several jets, including the Citation 500 series. Dashiell’s attorney listed on court records did not return AIN's messages seeking comment.

Airport surveillance video captured the airplane as it was sliding across the runway shortly after touching down. The main landing gear had collapsed before the aircraft entered the video frame and a large fire and dark smoke followed the airplane as it continued down the runway. The airplane disappeared from view as it exited the departure end of the runway.