StandardAero Launches Engine Exchange Program

 - March 25, 2020, 9:48 AM
StandardAero's engine exchange program currently applies to Honeywell TFE731, CFE738, and Pratt & Whitney PW305 turbofans as well as Honeywell 36-100/150 series APUs. (Photo: StandardAero)

StandardAero has launched a program that in effect will keep older turbofan-powered business aircraft flying longer, especially those aircraft whose overall values make it almost cost-prohibitive to do a complete engine overhaul. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based MRO provider’s engine exchange program lets aircraft owners exchange their engines or purchase replacement engines with less flight time to extend the life of their aircraft.

Other program options allow StandardAero to purchase older engines, enabling aircraft owners to recoup some value, as well as lease engines to owners and operators who choose to do extensive engine overhauls but need their aircraft flying in the interim.

“As aircraft get older you can see engine events where to get the engine back into full-flying condition, it’s going to cost more money than the whole aircraft is worth,” StandardAero business aviation division president Marc Drobny told AIN. “So situations like that are really incumbent upon folks like us to come up with options so we can keep the aircraft flying.”

Currently, the program applies to specific engine models—Honeywell TFE731 and CFE738 and Pratt & Whitney PW305—as well as Honeywell 36-100/150-series APUs. But “we definitely will be expanding this into other engine variants over time just as the interest from the market [grows],” Drobny added. A “couple dozen" engines and APUs are in StandardAero’s inventory with plans to build on that, he added.