IS&S Autothrottle Certified for PC-12 in Canada

 - April 1, 2020, 8:59 AM

Transport Canada granted supplemental type certificate (STC) approval to Innovative Solutions & Support’s ThrustSense standalone autothrottle system for installation on the Pilatus PC-12. The STC applies to legacy PC-12s and the latest NG models.

Previously, ThrustSense was approved by Transport Canada for installation in PC-12s equipped with IS&S’s NextGen integrated cockpit. The new STC covers standalone installations of the autothrottle system and its IS&S controller hardware and software.

IS&S autothrottles were first certified in 2017 on the PC-12, followed by the twin-turboprop Beechcraft King Air 200. The King Air approval includes IS&S’s VMCa protection, which helps prevent loss of control in case of failure of one engine by adjusting the throttle setting for the running engine to prevent hazardous yaw.

The PC-12 standalone STC includes IS&S’s integrated standby unit (ISU), which can replace an existing standby instrument. The autothrottle has no clutch and uses a linear actuator to move the throttle lever. Power and speed are controlled based on the airplane’s pilot operating handbook values, including takeoff, climb, airspeed hold, landing, go around, and other modes. The ISU computer uses proprietary software to determine the throttle positions needed to prevent over-temp, over-torque, over-speed, and hot start conditions for engines that do not already use an electronic control system. 

Installation of the ThrustSense autothrottle is available at any PC-12 service center, according to IS&S. In January, IS&S announced that it signed an agreement for installation of the autothrottle on new production aircraft, although it didn’t indicate which manufacturer had selected the system.