Av8 Group Ready To Take On More Work with Expansion

 - May 13, 2020, 9:37 AM

Av8 Group has completed a 10,000-sq-ft expansion in Houston, giving the company additional space for service of landing gear and other component overhauls. The project to stretch its facilities to 30,000 sq ft began in the fall last year and was recently completed.

“This additional space will allow us to expand our capabilities even further, which we are excited about,” said Av8 Group CEO Yoel Arnoni. “We will be announcing further details to the industry in the near future.”

Besides landing gear overhauls, Av8 Group specializes in hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical components. An FAA and EASA-authorized repair station, Av8 Group’s capabilities include in-house engineering, Parts Manufacturer Approval, and Designated Engineering Representative offered through three subsidiaries: Av8 MRO, Av8 PMA, and Av8 AOG. In the past five years, it has reverse-engineered, certified, and manufactured more than 500 parts.