West Star's DAS, Flite Combining Capabilities

 - July 1, 2020, 9:19 AM

West Star Aviation’s Dallas Aeronautical Services (DAS) and Flite Components businesses are joining efforts and capabilities to support a range of composite and aerostructure repairs. Flite Components will transition from its facility in Dallas to the DAS facility in Cedar Hill, Texas, outside of Fort Worth. That transition is expected to be completed in December 2021.

In the meantime, though, both organizations will be able to direct work to either site to ensure customers’ requirements are fully met. The collaboration will enable DAS and Flite to build on their respective business bases by extending their collective support to their commercial, regional, and corporate aircraft customers.

“Having this great advantage of utilizing combined floor space and the sharing of talents will bring our companies into a very strong position to enhance turn times,” said Mike Ward, v-p of sales for DAS. “This will also be very beneficial to our customer base and allow us to streamline AOG events.” The companies will be able to point AOG events to the location that can turn the part the quickest, Ward explained.

Together DAS and Flite, which are both Part 145 repair stations, will become a “one-stop shop” for composite and aerostructure repairs, he added.  

DAS and Flite provide repairs on structures such as radomes, thrust reversers, flight control surfaces, cowling doors, and sheet metal, and have DER, engineering, autoclave, 3D modeling, and a number of other capabilities. As an example of their complementary capabilities, DAS provides composite radome repair and on-site transmissivity testing for all general aviation radomes, and to some commercial and regional aviation radomes, depending on size. Flite, meanwhile, provides composite radome repair and on-site transmissivity testing for all commercial/regional radomes, including required tooling, Ward said.