Jet Aviation Brings hullo Aircrew to U.S.

 - July 9, 2020, 12:03 PM

Jet Aviation has brought hullo Aircrew, a collaborative platform for flight-crew staffing services, to the U.S., the Switzerland-based subsidiary of General Dynamics announced today. The platform connects operators with freelance and contract crewmembers, while also helping crewmembers find their next job quickly at no cost to them.

“Through the platform, thousands of crew can be contacted with a few clicks of the mouse,” said hullo Aircrew co-founder and COO Steve Payne. “Moreover, the coverage is global and always available.” More than 3,000 crew have registered with the platform.

“The hullo Aircrew platform completely transforms the existing hiring business model by integrating the latest technology in the marketplace to offer the most advanced system to easily match experienced certified crew to open contract positions in an instant,” said Jet Aviation staffing v-p Elaine Lapotosky. “Using technology as a tool to source talent is relatively new in aviation, and we are proud to be an industry innovator in this space.”

Jet Aviation invested in hullo Aircrew’s technology in 2019, which marked the beginning of the two companies’ collaboration.