Guimbal Cabri Helicopters Remotely Serviced by Precision

 - July 27, 2020, 6:39 PM
Multiple remote annual inspections on Guimbal Cabri light helicopters were performed by Precision Support Services.

Precision Support Services announced today the completion of multiple remote annual inspections on Guimbal Cabri light helicopters. Oregon-based Precision operates a Part 145 facility in McMinnville and is the exclusive North American distributor for the Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter components and the sole distributor for new aircraft in the U.S.

The group completed the remote maintenance on two Cabri G2s in Texas and California. The Texas client, Kapa Air, required 100-hour and annual inspections while Los Angeles-based Anthelion Helicopters needed an annual and 500-hour inspection, the most comprehensive required on the G2. In addition to the required inspections, several upgrades were installed.

“Despite the inherent challenges of remote maintenance, especially during Covid-19, both projects were completed on time,” said Precision general manager Grayson Barrows. “With no mobilization for the aircraft and minimal downtime, both operators were able to get the aircraft back into service very quickly.”

In addition to selling and servicing Cabris, Precision operates Bell and Airbus model helicopters for the U.S. Forest Service and offers charter, utility, external lift, and tour operations. The company also operates unmanned programs for commercial interests, wildlife and environmental preservation bodies, humanitarian and disaster relief/emergency response organizations, USG national defense, intelligence, and Homeland Security entities.