GDC Delivers VIP Boeing 777 to Head of State Customer

 - August 6, 2020, 9:50 AM

GDC Technics this week delivered a Boeing 777-300ER to an undisclosed head of state customer. The Texas-based completions specialist fitted a fully customized cabin interior for the widebody and also made various exterior modifications, including a security system and multiple cameras.

Passengers and crew will be able to benefit from a comprehensive suite of connectivity technology, including a dual Inmarsat and Iridium satcom system and a satellite TV antenna providing live 4K television.

The cabin interior was developed using GDC’s weight reduction capability that it says has resulted in significant weight savings. In the VIP areas of the aircraft, cabin noise can be kept below 50 decibels.

The 777 now features a crew rest compartment in the lower fuselage that offers six sleeping pods. The lower lobe also includes so-called “fly-away kits” that contain a variety of materials and equipment needed for repairs and/or improvements to the interior while the aircraft is away from its base.

To comply with Covid-19 restrictions, the final stages of certification and approval were achieved using a live-stream video link to allow FAA officials to complete inspections.

GDC Technics also recently announced the delivery of a Boeing 787 to an undisclosed “premium airline” based in North America. This features the first installation of the company’s Falcon 300 connectivity package.