Duncan Responds To Legacy 500 AOG Event

 - August 10, 2020, 11:55 AM

Duncan Aviation’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) answered what it said was a rare AOG call for an Embraer Legacy 500 in mid-July. The call came from a customer in Omaha, Nebraska, and was tended to by Duncan’s RRT team from its Lincoln, Nebraska headquarters.

“PBIT time expired” and “Flt Ctrl No Dispatch” CAS messages were the initial faults to which Duncan airframe RRT tech Donovan Mosher and Embraer tech rep Brad Kluthe responded. “We don’t see many faults with Embraer Legacy 500s, so I look at these as opportunities to learn something, as well as a way to be there for our customers,” Kluthe said.

After isolating and fixing the faults in a matter of hours, the aircraft then displayed “Eng Fail” and “Eng Short Term Dispatch” CAS messages. Duncan engine line lead tech Rustin McCullough and airframe tech rep Frank Logsdon joined Mosher and Kluthe, identifying a faulty component as "RH engine electronic control unit channel B."

Lincoln’s RRT team has recently responded to calls from operators of six AOG aircraft while the team in Battle Creek, Michigan, responded to one and the Provo, Utah team responded to three. In addition to the RRTs at its three main facilities, Duncan also has 14 RRT launch offices at its satellite facilities across the country.