Avidyne FMSs Integrate with Appareo Insight EFB

 - August 27, 2020, 5:37 PM
Avidyne's FMSs can share information with Appareo Aviation's Insight EFB.

Appareo’s Insight electronic flight bag app can now integrate with Avidyne’s new Atlas and Helios flight management systems. The new FMSs share many design and interface features of Avidyne’s IFD 440, 540, and 550 series GPS navigators, and Insight is already integrated with those units. 

Atlas and Helios are designed to replace legacy FMSs in older business jets/turboprops and helicopters, respectively, adding new features such as vertical guidance for Rnav approaches. The Atlas pilot interface includes flight planning with one-touch departure, airway, and arrival navigation, GeoFill waypoint nomination, a Qwerty keyboard, and a touchscreen.

The integration lets users share flight plans between the FMS and Insight EFB app and display ADS-B In traffic and weather in the app, as well as share AHRS data to provide attitude information for the app’s synthetic vision display. The bidirectional communication between the Insight app and Atlas/Helios FMS is enabled via a Wi-Fi from an iPad or iPhone to the FMS. 

“With their expansion into new markets with the Atlas and Helio products, it provides more options for Stratus Insight users when selecting their hardware,” said Appareo Aviation president Kristofer Garberg.