Duncan Completes Battle Creek Design Center Renovation

 - September 3, 2020, 12:13 PM

Duncan Aviation has completed a months-long renovation of its Battle Creek, Michigan design center that has increased its space by 30 percent and created a more efficient work area. The MRO provider uses the facility to interact with customers on the paint design and cabin modifications of their aircraft.

The facility features a glass front with large glass doors, a new conference room, and a sample library with cabinets and countertops for displaying material samples, as well as separate workstations for individual designers. “The new configuration also makes better use of space and storage. In the past, all of the functions of our space were put together; there was no separation among the library, conference table, storage areas, or designers’ desks,” said Duncan Battle Creek lead designer Emily Krawczak.

Capable of enabling multiple, simultaneous client presentations, the renovation also includes a conference room with a large-screen TV for the display of 3D renderings and seating for 10 people. That allows designers, sales, paint, and interiors staff to meet with customers. The 3D-enabled technology also allows the Duncan team to meet remotely with clients. “This new space is organized and efficient, and it better captures the professionalism of the design team,” said Duncan Battle Creek executive v-p and chief operating officer Andy Richards.

In addition to four designers and one multi-media illustrator in Battle Creek, at its headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, Duncan has a team of five designers and one multi-media illustrator. At its other full-service MRO facility in Provo, Utah, Duncan has one designer who uses the illustrators in Battle Creek and Lincoln.