SD Marks 2,000th FlightDeck Freedom Install

 - September 9, 2020, 12:10 PM
Satcom Direct's FlightDeck Freedom datalink service allows operators real-time worldwide flight tracking and the ability to receive automated flight notifications.

Satcom Direct has achieved activation on the 2,000th aircraft of its FlightDeck Freedom datalink service since its launch in 2007. The service consolidates flight deck communications, including integrating with third-party trip planning services and helping manage flight operations. The latest activation involved a head-of-state aircraft.

Operators can use FlightDeck Freedom for real-time worldwide flight tracking and to receive automated flight notifications such as hazardous weather, route, and security alerts, according to Satcom Direct. Datalink features include flight plan and flight plan wind uploads, digital ATIS, pre-departure and oceanic clearances, text weather, en route winds, graphical weather, email messaging, CPLDC via FANS, and Link 2000+/ATN. When the aircraft is nearing a defined geographic area, FlightDeck Freedom’s GeoNotification feature provides a warning, for example, in areas of reduced connectivity or in proximity to sensitive airspace boundaries.

While in flight, crew can use FlightDeck Freedom to manage airborne connectivity systems, including monitoring and troubleshooting problems. FlightDeck Freedom also integrates with Satcom Direct’s SD Pro flight operations management system, and this helps with budgeting and maintenance scheduling.

“Our focus is to always enable our customers to manage their flights and operations using the services, products, and systems that best suit their needs,” said Chris Moore, president of Satcom Direct Business Aviation. “FlightDeck Freedom was one of our first services built using open architecture to allow integration of third-party services. Reaching this milestone demonstrates the market’s hunger for integrated services that streamline the workflow.”