NBAA Endorses FCC Recommendation of Drone C-band Use

 - September 11, 2020, 11:50 AM

NBAA is backing a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommendation that a portion of the C-band radio frequency spectrum be reserved for drone use rather than the more heavily used L-band. At the request of Congress, the agency evaluated the potential use of both bands for drones and reported that it did not recommend using the 960- to 1164-MHz portion of the L-band.

“The extensive use of the 960- to 1164-MHz band and the critical nature of the systems currently operating in the band require careful consideration before any new systems or technologies are introduced," the FCC said. "It is essential that incumbent navigation systems are protected and that new systems that are introduced into the band do not cause harmful interference.”

The FCC also suggested exploring the flexible-use spectrum in other bands, saying it might offer a low-cost option. 

“NBAA is supportive of the FCC’s efforts to provide unencumbered, consistent access to bands for UAS communications,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA director of air traffic services and infrastructure. “We are encouraged by FCC’s link to the work being done on standards development through RTCA and others, and we encourage the FCC to align its recommendations with those efforts.”