Aerion, Honeywell Progress on AS2 Avionics

 - September 14, 2020, 10:53 AM
Aerion Supersonic's AS2 business jet will feature Honeywell avionics and connectivity packages, including the Honeywell Forge platform. (Photo: Aerion Supersonic)

Aerion Supersonic is continuing a flurry of activity as it strives to bring its Mach 1.4 AS2 business jet to market later this decade, working through the joint definition phase for the avionics and connectivity suites with Honeywell Aerospace.

While still under development, Aerion gave an outline of plans for the next-generation display system, which will feature intuitive symbology, advanced communication and navigation systems, and flight guidance and management systems. A key aspect is the avionics must support supersonic flight and Aerion’s Boomless Cruise technology, which will enable both transonic and supersonic flight with reduced noise. In addition, the aircraft will feature the latest in Honeywell’s connectivity offerings, including the Forge platform.

“Honeywell Aerospace is the definitive leader in cutting-edge avionics technology, and we are delighted to continue our long-standing collaboration,” said Tom Vice, Aerion CEO, chairman, and president. “We appreciate the considerable investment in resources that Honeywell has made in our program, and we look forward to continued collaboration as we work with our global supply team to bring the AS2 into production.”

The Aerion/Honeywell collaboration began in 2018—still in the “formative” stages of the program. By coming on board early into the preliminary design work, Honeywell is able to help shape the future suite, Aerion said.

“Honeywell is committed to advancing the future of flight, and our work with Aerion is paving the way for the return of supersonic travel,” said Mike Madsen, Honeywell Aerospace president and CEO. “Our avionics and connectivity solutions will help define the next era of air travel and make it safer and more efficient than ever before.”

Honeywell has a long background with supersonic aircraft. It has furnished processors, displays, sensors, radio altimeters, radar, and flight control systems for supersonic military jets for decades.