Vista Global Opens Charter Fleet to Ferrari Racers

 - September 17, 2020, 10:48 AM
Vista Global chairman Thomas Flohr is making the VistaJet and XO charter fleets available to Ferrari race car drivers. (Photo: Vista Global)

Vista Global, the holding company of charter operators VistaJet and XO, will make its fleet and services available to Ferrari drivers competing in international GT races and the Prancing Horse mono-brand championships in Europe. Taking place across five continents—including North America, Europe, and Asia—the 20 international championship races and Ferrari Challenge races occur over 12 months and involve professional and amateur drivers.

“Racing has been a passion of mine for many years,” said Vista Global chairman and founder Thomas Flohr. “Alongside my team, I have experienced first-hand the demands of racing and the intense focus required to consistently deliver a winning performance. Vista Global is excited to be able to support all Ferrari drivers to get where they need to be, safely and in optimum condition, so they can focus on what is the most important—the competition and performance on the track.”

Flohr himself is a racer, serving on a three-driver team that expects to compete in Saturday's Le Mans in the No. 54 VistaJet/XO Ferrari 488 GTE.