Firm Uses Web To Update Global 7500 Completions Clients

 - September 24, 2020, 3:37 PM
Because many of its Global 7500 clients are international, AP Completion Services has created a web-based portal to keep customers apprised on the progress of their completions job.

AP Completion Services has delivered its 11th Bombardier Global 7500 and has more completions projects on the type scheduled for the future. As a result of that work and because many of its Global 7500 customers are international, the Montreal-based company has created a web-based portal for them to provide up-to-date information on the progress of completions projects.

The portal includes photos, video walk-throughs, specifications, and project documentation. Besides providing clients regular briefings, the portal automatically alerts AP Completion staff when clients interact with the portal to provide near real-time responses.

“We have been working on the customer service portal for quite some time. We created a safe, efficient way to exchange information in a timely way with clients,” said AP Completion principal Andrew Broccoli. “The portal helps us keep them informed, and it helps us fulfill our commitment to deliver not only aircraft but the best possible experience. It makes clients feel as if they are right there in the factory with us.”

In all, AP Completion has outfitted more than 170 aircraft since its inception in 2009. With nearly a dozen Global 7500 projects completed, the company is earning a reputation as a specialist in Bombardier’s newest flagship business aircraft.