CBAA Launches Bizav Environmental Website

 - October 12, 2020, 1:08 PM

“Despite widespread misconceptions, the reality is that the aviation sector only contributes 2 percent to total global emissions worldwide. Business aviation accounts for 2 percent of that: 2 percent of 2 percent of greenhouse gasses.” This how the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) opens its new “Business aviation’s environmental and economic footprint in Canada” webpage.

To emphasize the contribution in reducing emissions by Canada’s own business aviation operations and the industry in general, the new site covers key indicators of the sector’s sustainability commitments, including aircraft efficiencies, advanced manufacturing, avionics technology, and use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

“The site provides an excellent overview,” said CBAA president and CEO Anthony Norejko.“It’s engaging, dynamic, and lays out the facts in a highly readable and entertaining way.” It is also designed to dispel myths about aviation and the environment, Norejko emphasized.

“Combined with a rapid fleet renewal cycle, it [business aviation] is well ahead of many, if not most, other aviation segments in terms of carbon reduction strategies,” said Norejko. “SAF will contribute the single largest potential reduction in aviation emissions. It is ready today. There is no new certification or changes to your operations to use it. You just put it in your aircraft and the moment you start your engines, you are starting to offset your net emissions.”

The CBAA recently became a member of the Sustainable Fuels Initiative, working with industry and government partners to advance the use and production of SAF as well as other carbon-reduction initiatives.