NetJets Rolls Out Sustainability Program

 - October 15, 2020, 12:15 PM

Fractional share provider NetJets today unveiled its global sustainability program as a “commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of the brand and its owners.” The Ohio-based company, which operates more than 750 aircraft worldwide, previously announced that it would purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for all of its flights out of San Francisco and its home base in Columbus, and is also exploring other SAF purchase opportunities.

“Our sustainable aviation fuel purchase is crucial for the continued availability of the product in the market, and we’re excited to help create that opportunity, as well as to announce the next phase of our global sustainability program,” said Brad Ferrell, the operator’s executive v-p of administrative services.

NetJets Europe has been carbon neutral since 2012 with its participation in the Emissions Trading System. Through NetJets' Blue Skies program, its European customers have offset more than one million tons of CO2 through ClimateCare verified environmental projects, while those in the U.S. have offset 75,000 tons.

Starting next year, NetJets will also offset its approximately 1,600 annual administrative and training flights in the U.S. To demonstrate its accountability, it will track key metrics such as percentage decrease in carbon emissions and miles offset to carbon-neutral to share with its owners, employees, and the aviation community.

“There remains more to be done in the sustainable aviation space and we look forward to being on the cutting edge of those innovations and evolving this program in our ongoing efforts to address sustainability in the air, on the ground, and with our team members,” concluded Ferrell.