JSfirm Calls Boeing Pilot Outlook Encouraging

 - October 19, 2020, 11:20 AM

JSfirm called the latest Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook encouraging, saying it underscores that strong demand for hiring will return as the industry recovers from the pandemic. Boeing, which this month released the latest edition of its 20-year outlook, predictably scaled back its projections from past years' reports, taking into account the ramifications of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

JSfirm noted the market went from a pre-pandemic position of shortages of qualified pilots, technicians, and cabin crew to an environment of furloughs, early retirements, and layoffs throughout the aviation industry. “However, there are reasons to be hopeful that the aviation industry is going to bounce back,” the online aviation job board said. “Boeing is reporting that the long-term need remains robust and aviation professionals will still be in demand by the hundreds of thousands for years to come.”

The outlook, looking at hiring needs through 2039, sees a need for 763,000 new pilots, which is down 5 percent from the prior report; 739,000 technicians, down 3.9 percent; and 903,000 cabin crew members, down 1.22 percent.

“Boeing’s predictions will produce confidence across the aviation industry,” said JSfirm executive director Abbey Hutter. “JSfirm memberships are increasing exponentially, and we have hundreds of companies that are actively hiring. As the industry continues to recover, we will see the demand for aviation professionals return to their pre-Covid levels.”