NBAA Guide Aimed at Easing Mx Events for Small Operators

 - October 20, 2020, 9:57 AM

NBAA has created a guide for small flight departments and aircraft maintenance workers that is available to its members. Titled "Best Practices for Small Flight Department Maintenance," the guide offers ways for organizations with limited maintenance resources to increase efficiency without significantly raising costs.

Managing time spent on maintenance tasks, preparing for maintenance events through detailed plans, documenting maintenance practices and maintaining good records, and understanding how to find the correct external resources are among the practices the guide recommends.

“A small flight department usually doesn’t have the luxury of a full-time mechanic you can call upon when an issue arises,” said coauthor Christopher Rozum, a captain with Kaman Corp. and a member of NBAA’s Small Flight Department Subcommittee. “The burden often falls upon the flight crew to make the correct decisions to legally dispatch the aircraft.”

The subcommittee is working with NBAA's Maintenance Committee to develop a webinar in the Small Operator Learning Series that is expected to expand on the information presented in the guide.