Pandemic Hits UK Bizav Most Among European Countries

 - October 23, 2020, 12:49 PM

Of the major European countries, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit business aviation operations the most in the UK. According to a new report from the European Business Aviation Association, business aircraft operations in the UK from January through August of this year were 37 percent below those levels in the same period last year.

Italy closely followed the UK with a 35 percent decrease in operations in the first eight months versus the same time span in 2019. The Iberian Peninsula states and France each were down 33 percent, while the Benelux countries experienced a 31 percent drop. The Scandinavian nations and Switzerland each suffered a 27 percent fall, and Austria had a 26 percent tumble. Germany recorded the least business aviation disruptions with just a 25 percent reduction in operations year-over-year.

These statistics notwithstanding, “More than seven months after the beginning of the crisis and the grounding of almost all European aircraft until April, it is still difficult to have an overview of the impact of the pandemic on business aviation,” said report author Arthur Thomas, who is the market and business intelligence senior manager at the EBAA.