Traxxall Introduces Next-gen Mx Tracking Program

 - October 27, 2020, 4:07 PM

Montreal-based Traxxall rolled out its next-generation maintenance tracking program, Traxxall 360, that it said will streamline workflows with a more intuitive user interface. Traxxall 360 provides an updated interface with drag-and-drop functionality to generate customized dashboards and reports, Traxxall said. In addition, the cloud-based program comes with “smart” tracking to guarantee data accuracy and other enhancements, the company added.

“Traxxall 360 is at the forefront of business aircraft maintenance tracking,” said company president Mark Steinbeck. “Our new and easy-to-use interface enriches the user experience, while backend enhancements make it faster, more robust, and more secure.”

Noting some of the improvements stem from customer feedback, Steinbeck said the changes provide customers “greater flexibility and the freedom to use Traxxall in ways best suited to their needs and preferences.”

The Traxxall program is designed to minimize aircraft downtime and improve operational efficiency through its ability to track maintenance data. Traxxall maintenance tracking systems have been adopted by business aircraft operators in 57 countries and is approved by Textron Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, and Piaggio Aerospace.