No New Aviation Items Added to TSB 2020 Watchlist

 - October 30, 2020, 11:15 AM

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) released its 2020 Watchlist on Wednesday with no new aviation recommendations. However, runway overruns and incursions, as well as several other topics also applicable to aviation, remain on the list.

“Despite actions taken to date, the number of runway overruns in Canada has remained constant since 2005 and still demands a concerted effort to be reduced,” according to the TSB. The rate of runway incursions, meanwhile, “has increased by 86 percent over 10 years.” The TSB has recommended “greater focus on direct-to-pilot warnings and in-cockpit electronic warning aids” to address these two issues.

Still on the watchlist are the multi-modal issues of fatigue, safety management systems, and regulatory oversight. The last two items were previously combined as a single topic, but the TSB split them into separate categories because “although related, they are nonetheless distinct, and each will need its own unique solution.”

Dropped from this year’s list is “slow progress in responding to recommendations,” which was first highlighted in 2016. At that time, there were 52 outstanding recommendations that were at least 10 years old, with more than half over 20 years old. The TSB has determined that progress made to date—particularly in aviation—is sufficient for its removal.