Croatian Charter Operator Sees Its Best Quarter Yet

 - November 13, 2020, 9:59 AM

Croatian charter operator Jung Sky completed what it said was its most successful financial quarter in its nearly 12-year history, surpassing its previous record—in third-quarter 2019—by 11.5 percent in revenue and 21 percent in flights. The Zagreb-based company operated flights to 115 airports across 28 countries in the July-to-September period.

The third quarter “not only gave us some breathing room after a harsh lockdown period in April and May, but it also put us back on track in terms of our business plans,” according to Jung Sky co-owner and board member Vedran Jung. He added that, by a margin of 0.7 percent, 2020 was its best by far in the first nine months of any year since its inception.

Despite the positive business results thus far, the company deferred plans to add a third business jet to its fleet this year. “We remain determined to get it done around spring next year, but we will keep assessing the situation to find the best timing,” Jung explained. “[A] third jet is definitely the next step for Jung Sky and it’s not just about adding new crewmembers. A third aircraft would enable our flight operations more flexibility and adaptability and would set this company on a course of approximately 50 percent revenue growth.”

Jung Sky’s fleet currently consists of two owned Cessna Citation CJ2s.