Low-cost Connectivity Sees Boost in Activity

 - November 23, 2020, 9:41 AM

BizjetMobile, which manufactures Iridium-based airborne connectivity systems, is seeing a significant amount of messaging activity by users of its products. The company also shipped the first of its new CrewX systems to a European fleet operator.

Iridium-based messaging systems offer aircraft owners and operators a lower-cost method for sending and receiving messages anywhere in the world. Current systems such as those offered by BizjetMobile provide email, SMS, and WhatsApp messaging, but not internet access due to the low bandwidth of the original Iridium network. BizjetMobile is developing new products that will take advantage of the higher speeds available from the Iridium Next satellite constellation.

“There seems to be a boost generated by the new normal,” said BizjetMobile CEO Adam Chapman. “Whether it’s the U.S. election or the latest news on a Covid-19 vaccine, we have not seen activity like this for months. Either way, we currently have several major fleet operators looking for an alternative approach to expensive Wi-Fi. Combine this with the imminent launch of our enhanced ultra-low-cost managed internet solution and several advance orders secured means 2021 is looking very promising.” 

BizjetMobile’s systems start at $2,490 and $199 per month for unlimited data.