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Collins Brings New Materials for Interior Veneers

 - December 2, 2020, 9:01 AM
Collins's new PrecisionPlank lumber alternative uses patent-pending technology to match veneers.

Collins Aerospace Systems has developed a new environmentally-friendly lumber alternative, PrecisionPlank, that is designed to accurately color-match to business jet wood veneers. Unveiled on the opening day of NBAA's VBACE, PrecisionPlank uses patent-pending technology to customize boards from existing veneers.

“Today’s methods of matching lumber materials to existing aircraft veneers is time-consuming, expensive and, at times, wasteful,” said Ian Webb, v-p of business development for Collins Aerospace. “With PrecisionPlank, we are able to provide the exact board required to match the chosen veneer.”

The PrecisionPlank technology replicates the wood grain spacing of the chosen veneer, providing for a more accurate match. And unlike raw lumber, the board is free from the knots, defects, and color variance, Collins said, adding this provides for better sizing of the board for veneers.

“Typically, cabinet shops spend an incredible amount of time milling down raw lumber in the hopes of finding an exact board match. The amount of wasted lumber and man-hours is enormous,” Webb said. “We’re thrilled to eliminate that guesswork and give our customers a more environmentally sustainable alternative.”

Collins further noted that the lumber alternative can be available in as little as one week, compared with the nine- to 12-week lead time often necessary for composite lumber.