Honeywell Builds on Forge Applications

 - December 11, 2020, 10:53 AM

Honeywell continued to add capabilities to its Forge end-to-end flight management platform, including enhanced network monitoring and more individual features that extend beyond aircraft-based services.

Rolled out earlier this year, Forge evolved from Honeywell’s GoDirect and is designed to provide operators with a holistic approach to managing a flight, integrating functions from connectivity to flight operations, navigation databases, and maintenance. Honeywell has gradually been building up the capabilities for Forge, from maintenance and health monitoring of the aircraft to connectivity tracking.

Available now, the latest enhancements include network monitoring to enable users to find network threats and vulnerabilities with their cabin connectivity service. The service, available through a GoDirect software package installation, is integrated into the Forge dashboard and can be accessed through a network monitoring tile.

In addition, Honeywell Forge customers will have access to Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) monitoring while using FANS data link. The feature provides PBCS monitoring data after each flight, enabling operators to recognize if they have exceeded the maximum allowed timing while using FANS data link and proactivity address any related issues. Other new functions include greater ability for users to manage their accounts, including access to the account and customized dashboards and configurations.

Honeywell further introduced three Forge “Experience Plans”—Elite, Comfort, and Office—for cabin connectivity. Elite is designed for heavy connectivity use with high-speed access for premium video and apps. The Comfort plan provides an “at-home” experience on aircraft, with the ability for video streaming on all devices. Office offers lower throughput needs for business use, including email and teleconference video.

“Honeywell Forge offers leading connectivity services, and these features provide customers with our latest and most advanced monitoring, management, connectivity, and security capabilities,” said John Peterson, v-p and general manager, software and services at Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Aerospace. “These services represent our latest and continuing investment in Honeywell Forge as a seamless experience to meet our customers’ needs in running their operations safely and efficiently.”