FltPlan Adds AeroData Runway Analysis Option

 - December 16, 2020, 9:45 AM

Pilots using Garmin’s FltPlan flight planning service can now access AeroData’s runway analysis service, which has been integrated with FltPlan. AeroData, which primarily serves the airline market, is now adding business aviation to its services, and pilots can use AeroData to calculate takeoff and landing performance directly within FltPlan. 

The runway analysis feature helps pilots maximize aircraft performance while meeting runway and obstacle requirements, according to Garmin. The new capabilities include engine-out escape procedures factoring in obstacles and terrain, configuration of takeoff and landing data (TOLD) based on conditions and limitations, automatic calculation of fuel requirements based on the flight plan, integration with the Garmin Pilot app, and other features.

A unique AeroData feature for takeoff performance calculations is provision of a clearly spelled-out, concise engine-failure procedure in the takeoff and landing report. The report includes takeoff reference speeds, flaps, power, ECS, anti-ice settings, runway surface conditions and contaminant level, tailwind calculations, and maximum takeoff weight for each runway. Limiting factors such as climb performance, field length, obstacle clearance, and others are available for review. Landing data takes into account the flight-planned fuel burn and includes reference speed and landing distance based on weight and aircraft configuration and reported braking action, with options for factored and unfactored landing distance.

The engine-failure procedure is based on the calculated data for each runway and the aircraft’s configuration. If the runway analysis doesn’t allow use of the standard engine-failure procedure, the AeroData-designed procedure is presented in a clear and concise fashion that is easier for the crew to understand and comply with. 

AeroData is now the third runway analysis service available through FltPlan, joining Aircraft Performance Group and Automated Systems in Aircraft Performance as optional paid services. Most of FltPlan’s flight planning services are free and are integrated with Garmin Pilot and the FltPlan Go app.