Aviation Hiring Again on the Rise, Says JSfirm

 - February 9, 2021, 9:09 AM

Aviation hiring is rising once again following the lull caused by the pandemic, according to online aviation recruiting company JSfirm. “Not only has job seeker activity shown a marked increase, but the number of companies advertising their openings on our site is also returning to pre-Covid levels,” it said.

JSfirm reported a 19 percent increase in job postings in the fourth quarter, while last month saw a record number of job postings on the company’s aviation job website, even compared to pre-pandemic numbers. Its website traffic from job seekers also steadily increased last month, climbing 48 percent month-over-month.

“After the sudden and unexpected downturn of hiring in the aviation industry in 2020, we were all eager to see what 2021 would bring us. The increase of job advertisements from companies is astounding. This is a very promising start to 2021,” said JSfirm executive director Abbey Hutter.

“Our concern now is that due to retirements and people leaving the industry during the past year, the industry will be left with an even bigger shortage of talent than before Covid,” she added. “Smart companies are hiring now, so they don’t find themselves dealing with work-stopping understaffing issues as the industry begins to regain steam.”